Online Coaching with Mark


Online golf lessons with Mark has never been easier all you need to do is the following -

Step 1 - Film and edit your golf swing to just 3 seconds and then email your swing or short game directly from your phone and you'll receive a full, voice-over video analysis  of your own swing from Mark himself.

Step 2 - Mark will create a personal fix lesson of the swing you send. Including player comparisons, personal drills and easy to follow development of what you need to do.

Step 3 - Your personal fix, featuring a personal voice-over analysis by Mark himself will be in your own V1 locker. Fully shareable on all social media platforms too.

Lets Get Started

Filming down the line

1. Please ensure that you have the camera at belt height and directly along your toe line.

2. Frame it so the feet and ball are in the bottom of the frame and the hands are in the middle. The camera should be directly down the toe line. Leave around 1/4 of frame at the top for the club

Filming from face on

1. Again, get the camera at belt height

2. Hands in middle of frame with camera opposite and perpendicular. Feet and ball at the bottom of the frame. Leave around 1/4 of sky for the club


Avoid These Mistakes

1. Please do not film in slow motion, normal speed works best

2. Backlit- A light source that is too bright behind, makes the image dark. To avoid, move targets without back light source 

3. Keep an eye on the image sizeposition and making sure club fits in the frame

All this for just £40.00 per Single lesson payable via Paypal.

"A great coach. Teaches you the set up for particular shots you wish to make which makes all the difference to there execution."
- Ron Gibbons

"Having had no experience of golf, what a delight and relief to be taught by Mark in a gentle and yet effective manner enabling me to believe that I can take it further."
- Beanie MacDonald

"As someone who works in the golf business I have had the good fortunate to take golf lessons all over the world from some of the games top instructors. None ever gave me better advice or more complete instruction than Mark Wood, and no we are not related. :)"
-Andrew Wood, author The Traits of Champions