Welcome to the Mark Wood Golf Schools in Hampshire and Sussex where we guarantee to stop your slice in 5 swings!

At our Golf School we believe that we can help all golfers play to their true potential.  Synonymous with quality, first class service and world class effective golf instruction, you are assured of exceptionally high standards across all our golf schools at Alresford Golf Club.

Our philosophy is to help golfers of all abilities achieve amazing results, working closely with what the golfer does naturally, allowing them to receive maximum enjoyment and play to their true potential. With a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, we will equip you with the required drills and swing thoughts that make efficient and lasting improvements to your game.

Serious about improving your golf game, enjoying your golf more and playing to your true potential?  We are, so please call us now and really make those lasting improvements you have always dreamt of!

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you know WHY you hit your pattern of poor shots?

Do you know WHY you hit your pattern of good shots?

Do you play well on the range but poorly on the course or under pressure?

Do you get frustrated with not making significant progress year on year?

Do you struggle with consistency?

Do you not hit the ball as far as you think you should?

If you feel that you might just need some help with a few of the above questions, then call us now to get the answers!

Some of the many benefits you will gain from attending one of our golf schools:

  • Understand what causes your good and poor shot patterns – we mean truly understand the root cause of the issue
  • Lower your handicap – yes we do actually mean reduce that handicap that might have been going the wrong way for years
  • Hit less destructive shots – we will improve the quality of your miss, so you can keep the ball in play and that score ticking over
  • Allow you to enjoy your golf – a simple yet much over-looked request in the world of coaching, we can put the fun back into your golf
  • Master the short game – we can save you more shots around the green than almost anywhere else in the game
  • Hit it further from the tee – we know this is what you lovely golfers require, so let’s get that tee shot bombing down the middle again
  • Putt out of this world – let us help you lose the 3 putts from your game and hole out more often
  • Long term and lasting improvement – let’s work together on making these changes permanent, so you can enjoy this game forever

Your hosts Mark Wood and Iain Naylor bring a wealth of experience to your Golf School.  Both PGA Professionals are hugely passionate, engaging and knowledgeable coaches who have taught at the highest level for the past 15 years. Offering you world class golf instruction, latest teaching technology and first class service, you are assured of a rewarding, enjoyable and memorable experience!

Our golf school facilities in Hampshire and Sussex are second to none, with superb practice ranges, short game areas and simply outstanding golf courses.  

We believe in long term personalised development, instruction that allows you to understand  the root cause of your weaknesses.

We find that our personalised professional approach gives you more time with the instructor, making huge advances in your game in less time.

Booking Made Easy

You choose the dates and times that suit your schedule and then we build a personalised retreat programme that suits your individual needs.  We host golf schools all year round and cater for every type of golfer from complete novice to the most experienced of amateurs and professionals.   Remember we do not believe in large groups so this gives you hassle free scheduling!!

“Dedicated professionals helping you play to your true potential”

"A great coach. Teaches you the set up for particular shots you wish to make which makes all the difference to there execution."
- Ron Gibbons

"Having had no experience of golf, what a delight and relief to be taught by Mark in a gentle and yet effective manner enabling me to believe that I can take it further."
- Beanie MacDonald

"As someone who works in the golf business I have had the good fortunate to take golf lessons all over the world from some of the games top instructors. None ever gave me better advice or more complete instruction than Mark Wood, and no we are not related. :)"
-Andrew Wood, author The Traits of Champions