Golf lessons in Hampshire and Sussex
Long and short game golf Coaching at it's finest

        The core at the heart of all the Coaching golf lessons is the same: finding out where your game is, how you approach it, how you want to change it and how we can work together to improve your game and your enjoyment of golf.

In brief, we will:

  • Meet and chat about your Game.
  • Warm up on the range.
  • Film the swing or any other areas of your game.
  • Analyse the video together in the studio
  • Practise changes in the studio and range.
  • See the improvement on the range

After which I'll:

  • Send you the video with analysis by email.
  • Give you practise plans and drills from the lesson.
  • Follow up after a week to see how you are doing.

Coaching Programmes 

        When enrolling into a Coaching programme with Mark you are on a fast track of long lasting improvement. Coaching programmes will provide you with a structured goal driven platflorm for you to progress to the next level. We will work on encouraging your strengths and addressing your weaknesses to help you become the golfer that you always wanted to be.

Coaching programmes include:

  • Weekly phone consultations as needed
  • Unlimited email follow up.
  • Email the analysis of each lesson.
  • Personalised practice plans.

        This hands on, personal and fully backed up system is why I recommend programmes of golf lessons to really change your game.

        Which is why it's called "Coaching Excellence".

What you can expect from your golf lessons:

        As we meet and walk to the driving range or short game area I'll ask about your game, which areas give you concern, which areas you want to improve first, and establish where we start. (I'll also ask about any health conditions which I can take into account in helping you improve your game. Everything helps.)

        You will warm up, so we only look at a proper swing, and then I'll video you from various angles as you swing. This film will be what we review in the Studio, using the same specialist software that pros on the PGA Tour use to examine their swings.

        You will then practise your modified swing in the studio, and with the help of mirrors and the video, try and refine it as recommended. Once you have done what you can in the studio, recording the changes as we go, we head back out again... the range. Here you put into practice what you have just found and see the results in a natural golf surrounding.

        After the golf lesson, I'll review what you did, what you achieved and email you with a video clips of relevant parts, a practise plan and recommendations to keep the improvements going. A week later I'll email to see how you are doing, and if you have any queries I can help with.

        I can help your game with single golf lessons, a lesson over 9 holes, ( a better method I think), or programmed lessons, (which really show major improvements). We enjoy giving Tandem golf lessons for two, coaching Juniors and beginners (of any age), and have Roll Up classes for Ladies and Seniors every week.

        Look at the details of golf lessons on offer and Book one now! Call now on 07796 271661 or 01962 733998 to get your game on track or click here to book a lesson now!

"A great coach. Teaches you the set up for particular shots you wish to make which makes all the difference to there execution."
- Ron Gibbons

"Having had no experience of golf, what a delight and relief to be taught by Mark in a gentle and yet effective manner enabling me to believe that I can take it further."
- Beanie MacDonald

"As someone who works in the golf business I have had the good fortunate to take golf lessons all over the world from some of the games top instructors. None ever gave me better advice or more complete instruction than Mark Wood, and no we are not related. :)"
-Andrew Wood, author The Traits of Champions