Hit a Pro-Style Draw

        A draw – that impressive, soft right-to-left shot shape – gives you effortless power and extra control. Dale Hill head teaching professional Mark Wood shows you the simple way to master this coveted shot.


        Mark says: Stats show 85% of club golfers move the ball with a cut (left-to-right for right-handers). On good days, it's a fade you can keep under control; on bad days, it's a slice that carves the ball OB.

        The opposite shot shape – the draw – has far more in common with a truly effective swing. For a start it is a much more powerful ball flight than the cut – a draw can fly up to 60 yards further than a fade – meaning you don't have to hit the ball so hard. This is going to give you far more control. But also, where the slice comes from trying to swing in straight lines, the draw is more about rotation – a key aspect of any circular motion.

        This feature will give you a clear understanding of the fundamental moves that promote a draw – the fi rst step to gaining the ability to hit the ball right-to-left at will.

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"A great coach. Teaches you the set up for particular shots you wish to make which makes all the difference to there execution."
- Ron Gibbons

"Having had no experience of golf, what a delight and relief to be taught by Mark in a gentle and yet effective manner enabling me to believe that I can take it further."
- Beanie MacDonald

"As someone who works in the golf business I have had the good fortunate to take golf lessons all over the world from some of the games top instructors. None ever gave me better advice or more complete instruction than Mark Wood, and no we are not related. :)"
-Andrew Wood, author The Traits of Champions